The information you have on your web page will come in handy when
rigging for a lift, also, for a tool designer when designing a piece
of lifting equipment.  I liked the page with the rigging formulas,
but, when I printed them they did not turn out very clear.  Maybe, a
different color background?  The items I really could not read were
the Cantilever Beam formulas

Richard Hendrix
Thiokol Propulsion of Cordant Technologies

First of all we want to commend you on a very informative website.  It is
truly very professional and full of great detail. 

James F. Sullivan
Regional Sales Manager
Chicago Hardware & Fixture Company

SEI is located in Asheville, North Carolina, and is a manufacturer of personal protection and safety devices, including parachutes.  We are actively recruiting parachute riggers who have senior and master level certification.  Could you please post this or let me know if you have a job opportunities site where I could list openings?
    Bettina C. Hall
    Human Resource Assistant
    537 Sweeten Creek Industrial Park
    Asheville, North Carolina  28803
    Phone:  828-277-1979, ext. 142
    Fax:      828-274-1627

Hello Peter,
Today I visit your web.Is very usufeul
Thanks !
Joan Anton Llarch

I've been looking for formulas to help me work out the forces and loads on
my rigging system but can't find anything that explains what I need to know
in plain English. I've asked engineers over here but they seem to have all
forgotten their physics!

Basically we use a counterweight system for vertical tracking shots in the
rainforest, but the load (cameraman and camera) and counterweight are
seperated by several feet - so that he doesn't get whacked by the weight and
also so that the weight doesn't appear in shot. The rope (11mm static) goes
up, over one pulley, along horizontally for up to twenty or thirty feet,
then down over another pulley. Approx 100kg on each end.

I figure if we just used one pulley that the load would be 200kg (plus
weight of rope), but does seperating the pulleys increase or decrease the
load on the pulleys and anchors? And by how much?

Do you know where I can find a good source of information on this (and other
more complicated) type of problem?

I hope you can help - this is driving me nuts!

Best Wishes,

Phil Hurrell
Assistant Producer
BBC Natural History Unit
Whiteladies Road
Tel +44 117 974 2390 or  +44 117 973 2211
Fax +44 117 974 6750 or  +44 117 974 2306
or double click here

Happened to find your page.Have been looking for a rigging programme for 2 or perhaps 3 way bridles.If you know of any and were I could get one I would be most appreciative.I own a rigging company in new zealand specialising in the entertainment industry

Greg Kennedy

i am interested in learning and working in
rigging, and would appreciate any info you have.
 such as schools, companies,unions       
organizations,apprenticeships etc. how to get
started, get a foot in the door, wage scales,
what the job opportunities are like etc


Can you let me know if you know of any contacts for rigging work for highly qualified U.K. riggers.  Will travel for the right money.
Thank you.
Eve Warlow

I would suggest you to include drawings (for autocad drawings) of individual rigging components...shackle etc  or links to companies than would have some.

Pierre Gervais

hello my name is tom
i would appreciate it if you could help me.
i am trying to find the formula that would tell me how much i could pick up
with a given block & fall arrangement...     e.g. a 2 & 2 with 3/4 manila
any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,

you have an excellent page.
i have been working as a rigger in the vancouver BC (CANADA) area for 
the last few years. i have been learning on-the-job and all of my 
formal training has been climbing-oriented. perhaps you can suggest an 
excellent training institute IN CANADA where i can fill the gaps in my 
knowledge and receive some kind of certificate to increase my safety and 
employability. i am mainly interested in concert rigging (arenas and 
clubs) since this is what i have been doing. so far i have not been 
able to find what i have been looking for on the internet. i have heard 
there is some kind of rigging school in Calgary, but i have not been 
able to find it. 

thank you

i need information of what is rigging? what is a rigger? hazards of rigging, osha's
requirements. if you could e-
mail me back as soon as possible i would appriciate it is for school thanks paula

paula riemer

Do you know of any rigging schools in the continental U.S.? My friend and I have done a little here and there but would like to learn more

This page is full of good information and is organized pretty well. Unfortunately the yellow color makes it a little difficult to read and blurry
when printed out to be looked at later. I realize that they are gif images and you may not have any control of over them, but I just thought I'd let
you know since you probably haven't had a reason to print the pages out. Thanks

Ron Cook
Siemens Automotive

information on turnbuckles, nicopress sleeves and stops, block and falls,
eyebolts would be useful also. this site has some useful information in
general but some of the links do not exist anymore. chain hoist information
i.e. CM Lodestar, Coffing, Verlinde, Rigstar would also be useful. see ya.

Surfted on in , found lots of good info , am looking for training videos
on rigging ,safty , hole 9 yards .Could you tell me where to find ?
Need all the help i can get in this field , just became safty rep. thank
you for your time .


Thanks for your informative webpage!

While I realize the big jobs are best left to experts such as yourself, I am
wondering if there is some material readily available that I can obtain that
would allow me to familiarize myself with the basics of rigging.

I am presently putting together a small local corporate oriented sound
company, and will need to , from time to time, fly speaker clusters and
lighting rigs. I know speakers manufactures from Community to Meyers build
cabinets with integral flying hardware, but have noted that, at times the
cabinets are 'direct hung', and at other times, additional 'fly bars' and
various assemblies are used. 

Can you give me any assitance?

Thank you.
Mark Allen



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